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Personal Identity Protection

It's your life. Keep it that way.
Identity theft is much more than the loss of your hard earned cash or personal documents. It's a loss of control of your finances and, most importantly, your personal reputation.

Complete protection
Our policy offers £50,000 of cover in the event that you become a victim of identity theft, as well as access to your own identity theft expert who will work with you to resolve the problem. In order to help prevent this happening, we send you credit alerts that let you know of any significant changes to your credit status or if others have attempted to take out credit in your name. Even if you haven't suffered any loss or attempted theft, we offer you unlimited online access to your credit report. This means you can check your status today and throughout the year, and access to our advice line so you can discuss any questions or issues with an expert. If you have lost identifying documents and fear that you may become a victim, we register your details with the UK's fraud protection service to make it harder for others to obtain credit in your name.